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Tom Misch: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

June 1, 2018 | Bobby Carter -- I learned a few things while watching Tom Misch perform at the Tiny Desk that should've been obvious to a longtime fan like me: He produces beats with a live audience in mind. As much as his drums slap, guitar is the foundation for most of his songs and he showcases a burgeoning talent on the instrument throughout his set.

I first caught wind of this UK wunderkind in 2014. Crafting his own instrumental projects and remixing tracks by artists ranging from Busta Rhymes to Lianne La Havas, Misch steadily garnered a dedicated following on SoundCloud. From there, he collaborated with other London artists and released EPs of original music on the platform. Misch's style doesn't revel in what's going on in pop music today; like a handful of other artists from the UK, his interpretation of hip-hop and R\u0026B is a continuation of what the greats who came before him started. A healthy dose of that inspiration is drawn from the late J. Dilla, while Misch's up-tempo dance numbers align him with the Kaytranadas of the world. In 2016, Misch — still just 21 years old at the time — decided to dabble more in songwriting and explore that soothing timbre of his voice on Reverie, and all of a sudden, his potential rose exponentially.

Misch and the band arrived bright and early to get situated behind the Tiny Desk and rehearse. Misch has said before that he isn't a jazz purist intrinsically, but the way he opens up a guitar solo or jams with saxophonist Braxton Cook, jazz music certainly runs through him.

If you haven't heard of Tom Misch before this performance, now's a good time to catch up. Check out his breakthrough album, Geography, as well as his earlier collaborations, then come back and watch his Tiny Desk again for a true appreciation of his growth as an artist.

"It Runs Through Me"
"I Wish"

Tom Misch (guitar/vocals), Tobias Tripp (guitar/violin/vocals), James Creswick (bass), Jamie Houghton (drums), Joseph Price (keys), Braxton Cook (saxophone)

Producers: Sidney Madden, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, CJ Riculan, Beck Harlan; Production Assistant: Stefanie Fernández; Photo: Claire Harbage/NPR.

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SUB)먹방)블랙올리브치킨 매콤오떡후떡볶이 왕마카롱 김밥+육개장 뿌링핫도그 소떡소떡 빵파티 스테이시피타칩 낙지전골 위키드윈디 삼겹살 과자리뷰 BHC 오떡후 VLOG MUKBANG

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너무너무 바빴던 한주라…
오늘 밤을 샜어요 제가 -_-ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 하…….

월요일에 업로드 기다리시는 분들이 분명 계실 건데
이 한 몸 불사르자 싶어서
꾸벅꾸벅 졸면서 편집 마무리했더니
먹방 드라마가 재미나게 잘 만들어졌을지 조마조마하고
여기저기 오타나 실수가 있더라도
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그 대신 여러분들 사랑도 듬뿍 받고 있어서
너무 감사하고요

다음 주 영상은 좀 더 신경 써서
더 재미나고 맛있게 만들어서 올게요~

우리 이쁜 여러분들 감기 조심하시고
오늘도 맛있는 하루 보내세요^^

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그때까지 아프지 말고 맛있는 나날들 보내고 있어요~~

SUB)먹방)블랙올리브치킨 매콤오떡후떡볶이 왕마카롱 김밥+육개장 뿌링핫도그 소떡소떡 빵파티 스테이시피타칩 낙지전골 위키드윈디 삼겹살 과자리뷰 BHC 오떡후 VLOG MUKBANG

01:08 샐러드 먹방
02:46 [시니롱]황치즈랑 마카롱들 첫입
05:05 [어글리베이커리]초코맘모스+말차생크림단팥빵+쑥쓰러워요 첫입
08:34 [친정집]삼겹살+자연산송이
10:07 [친전집소파]엄마가 주신 빵 애피타이져
11:11 [친정집]소고기타임
12:15 [BHC]블랙올리브치킨+뿌링핫도그+뿌링치즈볼+뿌링소떡 첫입
25:04 [타이니디저트]왕마카롱들 4종 첫입
34:18 [스테이시피타칩]시나몬슈가+흑당빠다코코낫 첫입
38:33 엄마표김밥+엄마표김치+육개장사발면 첫입
48:10 [오떡후]매콤오떡후(2~3인분)치즈,당면 추가+소떡소떡+마약핫도그+주먹밥
01:01:21 오븐에구운도넛+발코니롤리노3종+참붕어빵 첫입
01:06:11 무뚝뚝감자칩+[스테이시피타칩]시나몬슈가+하겐다즈피넛버터크런치 첫입

40:48 여수[지지전골마당]버섯불고기 낙지전골
43:11 여수[위키드윈디]퍼지바3종 쿠키3종
45:04 여수[커피별관]크림쑥라떼+아인슈페너+카야토스트+브라우니

46:35 은채랑 채이랑 오동도 동백열차에서
46:41 “채이 맛있어?”
46:45 “여기 버리면 안댄대!”
46:48 은채랑 채이랑 오동도 분수대

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댓글 전부 다 확인하고 있어요 ^^
정신없는 3남매 독박육아로 답변을 다 못해드리는 점 이해 부탁드려요 ㅠ.ㅠ
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Due to many events like the memorial service for ancestors, tenses, and the kids' school plays, I was so busy last week... And I had to pull an all-nighter today ugh... :)))

I'm sure some people are waiting for the upload on Mondays
So, I thought I would just grit my teeth and get it over with but I was dozing off as I edit, so I'm concerned whether you guys will enjoy the video. Even if there are little mistakes here and there, I hope you guys understand :)

These days, I don't think I'm wasting a single second of my life. I'm always on hectic schedules but thanks to all of your support \u0026 love, I'm so grateful :)

For the next video, I'll sweat the details and make sure I come back with a better video!

My gorgeous people, stay sick-free and have a delicious day! :)

Let's meet again in another tasty video
Until then, watch out for cold and spend tasty days~

SUB)Mukbang)Black Olive Chicken, Spicy Otteoghy Tteokbokki Jumbo Macaron Kimbap + Yukgaejang Bburing Hot Dogs Sotteok-sotteok Bread Party Stacy's Pita Chips Octopus Hot Pot Wicked Windy Pork Belly Cookie review VLOG MUKBANG

01:08 Salad eating show
02:46 [Sinilong]First bite on brown cheese + other macarons
05:05 [Ugly Bakery]First bite on Chocolate Mammoth + Matcha Whipped Cream Red Bean Bread + Wortfaced
08:34 [Parents' Place]Pork Belly + Wild Pine Mushroom
10:07 [Parents' Sofa] Bread appetizers from mom
11:11 [Parents' Place] Beef party
12:15 [BHC]First bite on Black Olive Chicken + Bburing Hot Dog \u0026 Cheese ball \u0026 Sotteok
25:04 [Tiny Dessert]First bite on 4 Jumbo Macarons
34:18 [Stacy's Pita Chips]First bite on Cinnamon Sugar + Black Sugar Butter Coconut Biscuits
38:33 First bite on Mom's kimbap + Mom's kimchi + Yukgaejang instant noodle
48:10 [Otteoghu]First bite of Spicy Otteoghu (2-3 People) + Extra Cheese \u0026 Cellophane Noodles + Sotteok-Sotteok + Twist Hot Dog + Riceballs
01:01:21 First bite of Oven-Roasted Donut + 3 kinds of Balconi Rollino + Fish-Carp Bun
01:06:11 First bite on Mutuktuk Potato Chip + [Stacy's Pita Chip - Cinnamon Sugar] + Häagen-Dazs - Peanut Butter Crunch

[With Pink]
40:48 Yeosu[Jiji-Jeongol-Madang] Bulgogi with Mushroom Octopus Hot Pot
43:11 Yeosu[Wicked Windy]3 Kinds of Fudge Bar + 3 Kinds of Cookie
45:04 Yeosu[Coffee Annex] Cream Mugwort Latte + Einspänner + Kaya Toast + Brownie

46:35 With Eun-Chae \u0026 Chae-Ee in Dongbaek Train of Odongdo
46:41 “Chae-Ee, is it good?”
46:45 “You can't throw it out here!”
46:48 With Eun-Chae \u0026 Chae-Ee at the fountain of Odongdo

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I'm reading all the comments! :)
I'm too occupied single-parenting three children by myself, so I hope you will understand that I can't reply to everything!
It takes a while for me to reply to DMs on Instagram!




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